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  • How to get started with solar power on Feed In Tariff

    10 November 2014

    This guide will help you start exploring the possibility of going solar at your house. Let's get up to speed on solar electricity basics with a few key definitions... PV module: AKA a solar panel, converts energy from the sun into direct current (DC)...

  • Amcorp solar power plant largest in Malaysia

    15 November 2014

    Amcorp Properties Berhad (AMPROP)’s latest green energy venture, the Amcorp Gemas 10.25MW Solar Power Plant located in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan, said to be the largest single site solar power plant in Malaysia has successfully commissioned and is running...

  • History of Solar Energy

    03 October 2014

    More than a century ago the great physicians revealed the secrets of turning the sun’s rays into mechanical power, only to see their dream machines collapse from lack of public support. Modern solar engineers must not be doomed to relive their fate. Charles...

  • SEDA Malaysia

    02 November 2014

    FiT SEDA Malaysia SEDA Malaysia FiT, Feed-in Tariff, is Malaysia’s mechanism to catalyse the generation of Renewable Energy (RE) and avoid the generation of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from thepower generation sector. FiT allows electricity...

  • International Solar Photovoltaics Manufacturers in Malaysia

    10 November 2014

    In less than a few years, Malaysia has become home of the leading manufacturers of Solar PVs around the globe. Major solar PV companies in the country are considered as the makers of high quality solar products, making the industry as a main growth area...

  • UKM SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute)

    15 November 2014

    BACKGROUND OF SERI Solar energy research institute (SERI) was established on 1st July 2005. It was formed out of the desire to suitable the use of fossil fuel, which is known to produce environmental pollution and global warming. Limited supply, rapid...


    24 November 2014

    Here’s how it works. Mirrors called “heliostats” track the Sun and focus sunlight onto a central “power tower”. This energy is stored in molten salt as heat, warming the salt to 565°C. This energy storage has an efficiency up to 93 %. To produce electricity,...

  • What Expert Says About Solar Energy (Malaysia)

    21 November 2014

  • Renewable energy ?

    03 October 2014

    Renewable energy (or 'green energy') is electricity that's powered by natural systems such as the wind, water and sun. Renewable energy offers a carbon-free alternative to traditional fossil fuelss, and its use is growing here and overseas.

  • History of Solar Technology ( Visual )

    10 October 2014


    02 November 2014

    In Malaysia, rural electrification is currently regarded as an integral part of the government’s important strategy to share the economic development benefit with the rural people. There are currently two categories of rural electricity supply: public...

  • Featured Research

    16 November 2014

    New materials yield record efficiency polymer solar cells A multidisciplinary engineering team developed a new nanoparticle-based material for concentrating solar power plants designed to absorb and convert to heat more than 90 percent of the sunlight...

  • Usefull Links !!!

    24 November 2014

  • Solar Energy

    21 November 2014