UKM SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute)

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UKM SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute)


Solar energy research institute (SERI) was established on 1st July 2005. It was formed out of the desire to suitable the use of fossil fuel, which is known to produce environmental pollution and global warming. Limited supply, rapid depletion of resource due to increase demand and political instability are causes of fluctuation in the price of fuel.

Therefore, there is need for source of energy which is long lasting, sustainable and environmental friendly to satisfy the requirement of mankind. Renewable energy such as solar has the potential to replace fossil fuel. To support this effort, SERI undertakes research and development to develop renewable energy technology and expertise in this challenging and exciting field.


SERI is to be world leading in research, innovation, and multi-disciplinary collaboration in the field of solar energy to meet the changing needs of society for a carbon free future


  1. Conduct world-class research in solar energy and renewable energy technology, management and policy in context of economic and environmental sustainability.
  2. To Create and disseminate knowledge through research and development and to transfer intellectual sustainable products to the society.
  3. Committed to fostering linkages among international energy research institutions.


  1. Conduct research ad development in accordance to the Renewable energy Niche Roadmap-UKM.
  2. Contributing to the nation on matters related to renewable energy awareness, environmental and energy policies.
  3. Establishing research networking with international institutes for renewable energy.
  4. Creating innovation in sustainable and environment friendly products for the industry and society.
  5. Securing internal and international funding in the field of solar energy and renewable energy.
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